Singapore Thomson Metro Line Contract T216 LS10


    Contract date :12/2015

    Engineering Contractor : DAEWOO E&C

    TBM supplier: Northern Heavy Industries Group Co., Ltd. (NFM)

    Slurry separation equipment models:MTP-1100*2          

    Filter press models:HAZG500/1600-U*2

    The excavation diameter of TBM:6.35m    

    Tunneling distance:2930m

    Maximum Tunneling speed:4 cm/min

    Slurry flow:1100m3/h (During Tunneling),Feeding flow:1000m3/h (Bypass type)

    Feeding density:1.1t/ m3

    Slurry density:1.25t/m3

    Exhaust pipe into the slurry and slurry pipe diameter:DN300