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The research and production of brake braking system - air chamber and adjusting arm and related a
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Strategic cooperation helps the company take off
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Shanghai Tianhao Industrial Co., Ltd. has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shaanxi Construction Steel Structure Co., Ltd. in Xi 'an on July 1, 2021.

Industry information

Industry information
The left line tunnel between Diejiao Station and Zhongshan Park Station of Foshan Metro Line 3 has been successfully completed
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On July 28, blessed in the afternoon, with the noise of the shield machine broken wall, foshan metro line 3 engineering pile between beijiao station to zhongshan park station of the left line ", 68 "god save the shield construction machine smoothly into the steel sleeve, tunnel implementation, this 3205-2 standard (south China sea square station - fold kau station and zhongshan park station, railway station) of the left line of three interval tunnel have been well versed in, A new breakthrough has been made in the key point of shield tunneling in the northern section of Line 3 project.

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the latest announcement
At present, the installation length of submarine tunnel sinking pipe reaches 4372.8 meters
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On July 24, Guangdong Communications Group announced that after the completion of the sinking of the 9th tube section (E24) on the east side of the Shenzhongdao immersed tube tunnel on July 22, the 19th tube section (E19) on the west side of the tunnel also took root in the sea during the same construction window period. So far, the installation length of the submerged pipe of the project undersea tunnel reaches 4372.8 meters.