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The research and production of brake braking system - air chamber and adjusting arm and related a
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The leaders of CCCC Second Marine Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. visit our company
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On May 10th, Pi Chunming, executive deputy general manager of CCCC Second Maritime Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., Yang Qing, deputy chief engineer, Yang Yunjie, project manager and other parties visited our company for a two-day inspection.

Industry information

Industry information
The Guangzhou-Zhanjiang Bay high-speed railway undersea tunnel will soon cross the sea
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The longest undersea tunnel in China -- Zhanjiang Bay Undersea Tunnel of Guangzhou-Zhanjiang High-speed Railway ushered in an important node! On May 8, "Yongxing" shield tunneling machine finished the factory manufacturing in Jiangmen, and will be shipped to the Guangzhou-Zhanjiang Bay high-speed railway submarine tunnel for assembly and use.

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the latest announcement
Shield tunneling of the north wall and second section of Nanjing Metro Line 1
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On April 20, 2021, the "Endeavour No. 2" shield tunneling machine slowly broke through the rock at the receiving shaft of Erqiao Park Station, marking the smooth completion of the shield tunneling on the right line of the second section of the fourth mark of the north extension of Nanjing Metro Line 1. Thus, the two - section double - line shield construction was successfully completed.